Thursday, 03 November 2016 12:30

30 Days of Gas Station Food

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Hear what happened to an endurance athlete when he ate nothing but gas station food for a month!

There’s a perception that “healthy eating” doesn’t take place outside of the home. Restaurants, gas stations, fast-food establishments—they’re all spoken of as if they’re part of the problem. But are they?

Frank Beard, an endurance athlete from Iowa, wanted to do something extreme and change the conversation. So he recently conducted an experiment. To prove that it is possible to stay healthy while eating out, he consumed only gas station food for 30 days.

FPMA’s national partners at the NACS Convenience Matters podcast, led by program co-hosts Jeff Lenard of NACS and John Eichberger of the Fuels Institute, talk to Beard about his experiment in “30 Days of Gas Station Food.” The program can be downloaded on iTunes by searching for Convenience Matters. It also is available at Frank’s goal was to gain no more than five pounds after eating nothing but food from gas stations for 30 consecutive days. Find out not only his final results but what else he learned about the industry during his journeys!

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