Were you scheduled to attend the Florida Remediation Conference PRP session that was canceled? Looking for another opportunity to learn more about PRP and tank compliance issues? Well then, make sure to join us for the Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP) & Tank Compliance Symposium during the FRF/FPMA Fall Meeting & Retail Summit taking place October 26 from 9am-4pm at the Daytona Shores Resort & Spa in Daytona Shores, FL. Featuring leaders from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, this event is critical if you are an ATC contractor, own a tank, deal with tanks, own property where there is or was a tank, or are financing one. You do not want to miss this important session!

Presented by FDEP Staff: Bill Burns, Compliance Administrator; Diane Pickett, Program Administrator; John Wright, Chief Engineer
Who should attend: Marketers, dealers, property owners, bankers, realtors and ATCs
This comprehensive sessions will focus on critical issues for the PRP and Compliance Programs. Specific topics include:

  • Tank Compliance Monitoring, Testing & Record Keeping, Operator A/B and C Training, 62-761, 62-762 Rule Changes (how it impacts you!)
  • ATC/RP training will provide information to site owners, cleanup contractors, and sub-contractors on the nuts and bolts of the Petroleum Restoration Program including:
    • Program Update - Funding and Legislative Changes
    • Site Assessment Work Flow and Tasking
    • Remediation and Site Closure Issues
    • Invoicing Tips and Reminders

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