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FPMA Seeks Waiver of Liability for Portable Gas Can Use

When individuals misuse portable gas cans, manufacturers are often blamed. While data shows the number of accidents involving gas cans has steadily declined, the number of lawsuits and the amounts paid in settlements by the liability carriers has increased, especially after a significant number of additional lawsuits which were filed in 2011. A result of these lawsuits caused Blitz USA, which produced 75% of the portable gas cans sold, to declare bankruptcy and close in 2012.

Our proposed legislation gives a limited waiver of liability in the event injury results from the misuse of a consumer gas can. Until the Consumer Product Safety Commission decides to adopt and enforce an industry standard, manufacturers of portable gas cans will be vulnerable to liability. Adopting a limited waiver of liability in the event a gas can is misused will protect gas can manufacturers and sellers from spurious litigation. It will ensure that an adequate supply of safe, approved gas cans will continue to be available to consumers. Click here for more information.

Gas Pump Signage

FPMA supports state legislation requiring operators of self-service gasoline pumps to place inspection decals with standardized information on the availability of fueling assistance to qualified disabled customers, including the phone number of the station, provided the state legislation preempts all local government laws and regulations.


We have seen numerous local ordinances pop up around the state regarding the sale of e-cigarettes. FPMA will support legislation that regulates these products at a state level and preempts local ordinances.

Mandated Labeling on Food Products

FPMA opposes any local or state effort to mandate nutritional labeling on packaged or prepared food products. FPMA believes that the standards set by the Federal Government for food labeling should be the standard to which all states and local governments should adhere. A patch work of standards across states and local governments would harm businesses.