• Hurricane Dorian Information

  • 2019 Hurricane Dorian - Important Document Links and Information
    Please contact Ned Bowman, FPMA executive director for any questions or concerns ned@fpma.org or (cell) 850-524-6609 text or calls.
    All Media inquires please contact, Ned Bowman for interviews.

    Click HERE for Executive Order 19-189 Issued 8/28/2019

    Click HERE for Emergency Bypass PDF

    Click HERE for Emergency Order PDF

    Click HERE for Regional Emergency Declaration PDF

    Click HERE for Emergency Final Order for Repairs PDF

    Click HERE for Amended to all Counties Executive Order PDF

    The GasBuddy team has activated an emergency tracker due to Hurricane Dorian. It's currently active in Florida
    https://www.gasbuddy.com/NewsRoom/PressRelease/826  FPMA members are welcome to use Gasbuddy's free Emergency Services Dashboard to update fuel availability at all stations across their brands. Many retailers have used this during the past few hurricanes, and it's helped motorists who are looking for fuel. This guide has a quick overview. If you have any questions please contact pages@gasbuddy.com for access, Gasbuddy team can assist with on boarding.

    Click HERE for ‚ÄčHurricane Prepardness Guidelines  - National Weather Center 

    FloridaDisaster.Biz will continue to be updated with major road closures, situation updates and evacuation orders as they are issued.

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