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  • Membership Benefits

  • Florida Petroleum Marketers Association, Inc members receive the benefit of consultations on individual business problems, interpretation of laws and regulations or assistance in negotiation with governmental agencies. As an FPMA member, your company will receive on-going quality state representation in the Florida legislature and before various relevant regulatory bodies. Listed below is just an overview of the benefits of membership with FPMA.

    National Representation
    FPMA members receive representation by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) and the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers Association (SIGMA), all of which are national organizations comprised of state and regional petroleum marketing and convenience store associations, which band together to create a nationwide network dedicated to quality collective federal representation.

    FPMA’s Annual Expo - The Sunshine EXPO
    The Sunshine EXPO boasts 200 exhibits with 1,500 Attendees and Exhibitors - representing over 5,000 convenience stores, and includes petroleum marketers, dealers, and non-petroleum marketers consisting of supermarkets and superettes. Also in attendance will be petroleum fuel suppliers, marketing personnel, representatives from equipment and services companies and other allied businesses. The Sunshine EXPO Education day program includes industry workshops, national speakers, membership meetings, brand meetings, social functions, networking and direct interaction with other industry and government representatives.

    FPMA's Website
    www.FPMA.org is a readily available resource for all members. FPMA’s website is your connection to all other FPMA members, national organizations, governmental services and daily news of interest. With a click of the mouse, you have direct access to internet resources and industry information.

    Membership Directory
    FPMA produces an annual publication which is a cross-reference guide to Marketers and Suppliers, as well as, governmental and association information. Advertising opportunities are available.

    FPMA has a high profile industry magazine published quarterly. It is a source of technical information, industry trends, customary c-store, environmental and legal columns, special profile features (focusing on Marketers, Suppliers and more). Advertising opportunities are available.

    Fueling Florida's Future (FFF)
    The FFF is a weekly email update from FPMA's Executive Director, Ned Bowman, which highlights current events, legislative, regulatory, marketing and technical issues and more. This update is sent out weekly, via email to members only.

    Finding all the petroleum industry news has never been easier thanks to the Florida Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association’s InForum. This e-news brief provides only the articles and information that petroleum marketers and retail operators need. Advertising opportunities are available. This news brief is sent out weekly, via email to members only.

    On-Request Education
    FPMA develops and conducts educational seminars, web discussions and workshops to assist our members with keeping up with management skills, personnel issues and any industry focused needs as requested by our members. Here is a link to our Underground Storage Tank Operator Training.

    FPMA's Scholarship Program
    College scholarships applied for annually are available to FPMA members, their employees and dependents.

    Used for political contributions assisting in making a legislative difference for our industry.

    PATRON Member Benefits

    Patron member, your company would also receive:

    • Free web links with logos on the FPMA website
    • Patron page on the FPMA website
    • Patron page in the annual membership directory
    • Patron signage on Sunshine EXPO booths
    • Patron recognition at the annual EXPO
    • Profiles in Petrogram magazine

    Association Goals

    The goals of the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association Inc are to:

    • Advance the free enterprise system, specifically the business concerns of its members;
    • Pool the energy and resources of its members in the pursuit of common objectives;
    • Encourage mutual communication among its members and elected officials;
    • Serve as ombudsman for its members at the national, state and local levels of government;
    • Provide industry related, educational opportunities for its members through publications, seminars, and conventions/networking;
    • Promote broad representation of Florida's petroleum and convenience store industries through an inclusive membership program;
    • Foster a positive public image of our industries.


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  • FPMA Patron Refiners

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    Contact Name/Email: Shannon Favreault, [email protected] 

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