• FPMA's Convenience Store Safety and Responsibility


    Florida Security, Tobacco Sales, & Alcohol Responsible Vendor Program

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  • Always seeking out new ways to advocate for our members, we partner with Ready Training Online (RTO) to bring you compliance training that is not only engaging but that also meets Florida guidelines. Ready Training Online's Florida Security, Tobacco Sales, & Alcohol Responsible Vendor Program, also called Convenience Store Safety and Responsibility (CSSR), includes these three training modules:


    • Florida Responsible Tobacco and Nicotine Sales
    • Florida Robbery Deterrence and Safety
    • Florida Alcohol Responsible Vendor Program


    These training modules provide the tools Florida convenience stores need to remain in compliance with the state, following the recommendations and regulations of Florida where applicable and covering:


    • What employees need to know to sell tobacco and nicotine according to federal regulations and Florida state law.
    • What to do before, during, and after a robbery as well as strategies to deter crime in accordance with Florida’s Convenience Store Safety Act.
    • How to sell alcohol responsibly in accordance with state and federal law.


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    Ready Training Online specializes in convenience store training and offers over 100 training modules, covering compliance topics such as harassment as well as other important topics such as safety, facility care, customer service, and more.


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    With Ready Training Online's learning management system, trainingGrid™, you can not only deliver your training, but you can also monitor, track, and report on your team's compliance training and ensure that your message and your brand standards are being communicated throughout your organization.


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