• Convenience Store Safety and Responsibility

  • This training was created by the Florida Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association to meet the requirements of Chapter 812, Florida Statutes, known as the Convenience Security Act, which was passed in 1992. This course will help you better understand the requirements of the Act, which establishes minimum security standards for the safe operations of convenience stores. Training in robbery deterrence and safety for each retail employee is mandatory. Violations of this law could result in civil penalties as high as $5000.00.

    In addition to the robbery deterrence training, this curriculum also includes training for the responsible vending of alcohol and tobacco products, which will allow your business to qualify as a Responsible Vendor pursuant to Sec. 561.705 FS. With this training qualification your business will be exempt from license suspension or revocation in the event an employee violates the law regarding the sale of alcohol or tobacco products to under age patrons.

    To order your certification course, contact the staff of the FPMA at 850-877-5178.

    Material Updates

    If your company is a registered user of the CSSR program, all updates will be sent directly to your key contact person. It will be your company’s responsibility to replace the old material with the update. Manuals that are out-of-date are usually ignored by employees.

  • CSSR Course Video

  • This video supplements the CSSR Workbook. The CSSR Course materials can be obtained by contacting FPMA at 850-877-5178. Your course certification is not complete unless you obtain the watermarked letter of completion contained in the course material.